This blog is about trying to navigate my way through academia as a single mom. I’ve been thinking about blogging for a while now but after watching the latest #IsisvsTomasson on getting more involved I decided it would be now. In one segment Dr. Isis said something that really hit home. She mentioned that at her school they give out stickers for faculty to put on their door as a way to indicate safe havens for LGBT students and how she felt her blog was a way to say that she is a safe haven for women in the academic community. I thought about this most of the night and realized that while there is a great deal of support for women in these communities, there is very little information out there for single moms trying to make their way through academia. During my entire academic career, I have NEVER met a single mom/parent in real life who was postdoc or TT faculty member.  I didn’t even know if they existed until I joined twitter. So this blog is simply a way to say to others in my situation, “Hello. You are not alone. Remember to breathe and we can get through it all together.”